About Tyson

Breed:American Pit Bull Terrier


Birthdate:March, 2003

Died:April 10, 2017

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I found Tyson by "accident". A friend of mine (to whom I will be eternally grateful!) sent me a link to a page that has a bunch of pictures of different dogs to see if you can identify the picture of the pitbull ( click here to go to that page), which, in turn, led me to the Pit Bull Rescue Central site.
Just for the heck of it, I browsed through the dogs needing homes in the Seattle area, and one dog caught my attention immediately. She looked so much like my much missed
Gina girl did when she was a puppy. Her name was Tyson. (don't ask me why someone named a girl Tyson!) On top of that, her profile was stamped URGENT because her deadline was coming up fast (on my daughter's birthday, in fact, which was less than 2 weeks away). It had been about 7 months since Gina had died and we had decided not to actively search for another dog, but to wait until one came to us. Well, there was just no way that this could be coincidence, and even if there were, I couldn't let her go to her death just 'cause no one wanted her!
I contacted her caretaker/foster mom right away and made arrangements to meet Tyson the next day.
When we met her, we just fell in love with her instantly, and I could see even more how she looked like Gina! We introduced her to Ginger, who was a bit too forward (AKA rude) for Tyson's comfort at first, and Tyson growled and nipped her. We were afraid that the girls wouldn't be able to get along and we wouldn't be able to take Tyson home with us, but it soon became clear that Tyson just needed a proper introduction before she allowed too much familiarity from another dog. We stood around and talked to Tyson's (soon to be former) foster mom and let the dogs play for a while, then loaded them into the car for a trip to Petsmart to get Tyson a new collar and a new toy just for her. While were there, we also got new name tags for both the girls.I didn't get any pictures of Ginger and Tyson's introduction cause it was kinda too dark and we were busy with the dogs,
but here is the main picture from her adoption page immediately to the left.
The next few pictures were taken on her first night in her new home. To the right, you you can see Tyson looking up expectantly to see if another treat is in her near future.
The one just under her adoption page picture shows Ginger checking out her new sister while Tyson looks to see it there's a cookie looming on the horizon for her.
By the end of the night, all faults had been forgiven and forgotten, the girls were getting along like old pals
and any nipping was completely in fun! The next picture on the right shows Tyson giving Ginger kisses with a complimentary tooth cleaning and, in the one on the left, both girls are paying close attention to the snack jar!

They're probably hoping it will magically open and treats will rain down on them.

By Tyson's third day with us, which is when these two
photos on the bed were taken, the girls were acting like they
had been best friends all of their lives and were practically inseperable. It was hard to believe there had ever been any question at all of the two of them getting along. You'd never even know that they weren't raised together to see them now!


Tyson just LOVES her toys, and two of her very favorite games are fetch and tug.

She shredded all but one of her first few rope toys and completely obliterated several squeaky toys and tennis balls, but after a few weeks, she seemed to figure out that if she was more careful with her toys, they would still be there for her to play with.