About Ginger

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix?


Birthdate:July/August, 2004

Died:January 17, 2019

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Ginger, like the rest, came to us as a rescue. Her parents' humans hadn't seen fit to spay and neuter their dogs AND they let them run loose. When Ginger's mother gave birth, the puppies were basically just left to survive without human aid by the mom's human(s). Neighbors collaborated to find homes for the pups once they were weaned, but no one really wanted to and/or was able to claim ownership of them or go to the expense or effort to vaccinate, license or alter them.

All the puppies found homes except for one, who was sort of taken in by one of the neighbors while she tried to find the little pup, who she called Peanut, a home.
Though she is to be commended for making an effort at all, for providing food and some form of shelter for an abandoned dog, the lady who was caring for her really didn't have the time or resources to commit to little "Peanut".

We were searching for another doggie companion for Gina (pictured with Ginger in the 1st and 2nd pictures on the left) and someone to fill the doggie sized hole that Lizzy's passing had left when we found the ad in the Everett Herald, the same paper which had led us to Lizzy a few years before.

I made arrangesments to go and meet her the very next day, and, as with Lizzy, we all hit it off wonderfully and there was never really any question that this dog would be going home with us. By this time, "Peanut" was 6 months old. She had never even seen the inside of a house before. The closest she had come to being inside was in the garage during the bitterest cold nights of the winter. She had also never worn a leash, harness or collar, and she was scared to death of getting in the car, so it was clear that we had a bit of a challenge ahead of us, but it was nothing compared to some of the rescues who have wound up in my care. At least she hadn't been outright abused and not really physically neglected.
Our first stop was the pet store for a collar and, of course, treats for both girls. She did fairly well in her car harness and leash for the first time, though she was definitely confused and wasnt' sure if she liked the whole leash idea. She was very patient about putting on her new collar that we bought for her. I imagine making a big fuss and giving her lots of treats helped! Next stop was Grandma and Grandpa's house (my parents) to meet them and their dogs, Katie and Daisy and to get a good night's sleep before driving back to Seattle, as we had all had a very long day!
It was pretty obvious right away that "Peanut" didn't really fit her. It took a few days to settle on a name. Ginger just seemed right, but I was hesitant to go with that because it is so common, but in the end, it was what she responded best to and fit her just right, so she officially became Ginger.

We're pretty sure that Ginger is at least mostly Rhodesian Ridgeback, judging by her looks, but we really don't have any way of knowing for sure what her parents were. In any case, she learned a few basic commands pretty quickly, and after several car trips that always were associated with going fun places and doing fun things, we no longer had to cram her into the car. We actually waited for a while for her first trip to the vet's office for shots and checkup and stuff for just that reason.. So she would see going for a ride in the car as a good thing. Normally, that would have been one of her first outings, but we figured it was better to get her happy with the car first. Thankfully, it worked! Even though the vet trip wasn't that fun for her, she still took a fast liking to Dr Young, our family vet of MANY years, just like all our furry family members have over the years and she was still perfectly happy to go in the car again afterward. Of course, the fact that we ALWAYS stop for burgers for the dogs on the way home from the vet probably doesn't hurt.

Here, to the right, is Ginger with Elizabeth. She chased the kitty a little at first, but before long, she realized that most kitties prefer a more polite introduction and they soon became fast friends (and cohorts!!)
As you can see from the pictures, Ginger adapted to indoor life rather quickly, and now her favorite place to be is sprawled out on a people bed. And if there are people in it.. all the better!

This picture with Gina on the left was taken after Gina had gotten a lot weaker from her final bout with cancer. She spent much of her time sleeping or resting most days in her last couple months. Ginger was confused as to why Gina didn't want to play much anymore, but she made sure to spend plenty of time checking on her, grooming her, bathing her and bringing her treats and toys.
Ginger was just barely a year old when Gina left us. She had only gotten to spend 6 short months with her newfound big sister, but she made the most of it and never wasted a moment on things "more important" than spending time with a loved one. A lesson we would all do well to take note of!

In addition to getting along well with kitties, we discovered that Ginger was more interested in rats as friends than as snacks. She loves to exchange kisses and touch noses with the rats and she will bathe them till they're soggy, but for some reason she really freaks out if they crawl on her. I don't understand what she's scared of, but she'll push them off and run away every time!
Here are some pictures of her with Aurinkä Säde. I never can seem to catch a picture of her giving a rattie a kiss, but when I manage to, you can be sure it will be here!

Ginger was an only dog for about 7 months after Gina died, and seemed to do a lot better than Gina had after Lizzy died. Then again, Ginger only knew Gina for 6 months... Gina and Lizzy spent 4 years together.
Then, in March of this year (2006) I inadvertantly stumbled on Tyson's adoption page. Her deadline, which also happened to be my daughter's birthday was coming up in only a couple of weeks. That, combined with the fact that she looked so much like my Gina had looked as a puppy prompted me to contact Tyson's foster mom, and within a couple days, Ginger had a new little (well, older, technically, but definitely little!) sister.

These pictures were taken on Tyson's first night in her new home with us. Here, you can see Ginger investigating Tyson some more. (They got an introduction and got to play a bit before Tyson came home with us)

Despite the fact that Tyson growled and nipped at Ginger a bit for being too forward (read, rude) at their initial meeting, after their car ride together and a trip to Petsmart for a new collar for Tyson, new nametags for both girls and, of course, some more treats and toys for both of them, it didn't take long at all for the two of them to be playing happily, as you can see in these two pictures, also taken on Tyson's first night here.

By Tyson's third day with us, when these next several pics were taken, these two were acting like they had been best friends all their lives! They aren't *quite* inseperable, but doggone close to it. They spend lots of time playing and wrestling (AKA ransacking my house)... In fact, even as I write this, they're doing zoomies back and forth through the house and having a blast (and no doubt completely un-making my bed!).

Here are a couple shots of them taking a break from racing around like wild animals. All that running, wrestling and wreaking havok really can tire a pup out I guess.
Other than wrestling with other dogs, humans, or probably anyone else who will play with her, Ginger doesn't really have any favorite games she likes to play. She will occasionally take an interest in toys if the other dogs really entice her to play with them, but not usually of her own accord.
Ginger is completely enthusiastic about meeting nearly ANYONE, regardless of species, to the point of rudeness at times... She still hasn't quite learned that you can't just run up to a complete stranger and kiss and hug them without a proper introduction, but we're working on that. She hasn't gotten to an automatic sit on meeting someone new yet, but she'll remember now much more quickly with a gentle reminder. She just doesn't see why everyone isn't as outgoing as she is.

Here she is displaying some of that enthusiam by giving me kisses.
THAT time, she was actually invited up, so she got to have treats.

She'll do stupid dog tricks for treats too!