~ For my Ginala Binala ~

Gina, My sweet
Forever faithful
You came to me when I needed you
And you needed me.
You needed love.
I needed a puppy to love.
You were the "Goggie in a box".
You never gave birth,
But you were a mother to any and all.
My babies, stray puppies, orphaned kittens,
Even the rats.
You were my companion through everything.
Best friends betrayed.
Loves turned hateful.
Friends came and went
But you were there
With your unconditional love.
You never had better things to do,
Never turned on me;
It never mattered to you what else I did,
As long as I loved you.
You loved me for me,
And I loved you for all that you were.
Friend, protector, confidante, someone to hold,
Someone who would lick my tears away
And never scorn me for them.
You held out even when it hurt you
To allow those last goodbyes
Selfless, loyal and loving to the end.
You walked beside me
Through the fires of my own hell
Then stood with me
Through the fire of my purification.
You laid beside me
Before many a bonfire and campfire
Enjoying the warmth and friendship.
I now commend you to your final fire.
They will give me your ashes in a box
And I will scatter portions of those ashes
In all your favorite places.
The rest will stay in that box.
I will cherish it
Along with your memory
My Goggie in a box
~ Until we meet again. ~
©Khaos WolfKat 2005

November 20th, 1991 ~ August 19, 2005