About Elizabeth

Breed: Plain ol' Kitty


Birthdate:November, 2000

(Click photos for full size images).

We got Elizabeth as a 4 month old kitten when the (VERY) young couple who owned her could no longer care for her. They were well meaning, but just weren't ready for taking on the commitment of providing a home for an animal.
Luckily, I was looking for a kitten or young cat for my daughter's birthday right then, so the timing was perfect.

She was christened "Elizabeth Rainclouds" by my (then 7 year old) daughter. She was on an "Elizabeth" kick at that time, and the "Rainclouds" part was due to her coloring. Mandy said she looked like rain clouds, so that should be part of her name.

Not long after she came to live with us, she earned her second middle name.... "Footlicker"! No need to explain that one, I should think! Besides licking feet, this cat was obsessed with licking armpits! AKK! Very strange little kitty indeed.

Most of the film with the pictures that were taken during that time period on it went messing before it could be developed, so we don't really have any pictures of her from when she was a kitten. That was before I had a digital camera. If those rolls of film ever turn up, I'll take them to get them developed in hopes that they haven't been damaged (by heat/moisture) too much to come out, but for now this is it.

Never fear though... I'm a maniac with my digital camera, so there will be PLENTY more kitty pics in the future!

One of Elizabeth's favorite things is wallowing in catnip. It's one of the funniest things in the world to watch! In addition to these pictures of her getting stoned out of her little kitty gourd, there is a video that you can see here.
(Besides being hilarious, it's a good example of what I do when I'm bored LOL)

Being a cat, she also thinks milk is mighty fine! And, of course, I'm a big ol' sucker. Here she is sampling some out of my cup. (I didn't give her much of it because cats are lactose intolerant.)
If you look closely at the picture on the right, you can see her face through the cup. It *is* pretty cute!
She still has a little milk goatee (kind of like a milk moustache, only different LOL) in this picture of her rubbing up againstthe desk and trying to beg me for more of my milk.

Here she is (above, left) with Ginger and, from the looks of it, plotting something.

For about a month and a half recently, we couldn't get any pictures of her at all because she wouldn't come out from under the bed!
We brought home a new dog, Tyson, March 8th (2006) and she nipped Elizabeth on their first meeting. Needless to say, the cat was NOT amused!! We all know how cats can hold a grudge, so it has taken a while for her to be even semi-willing to give Tyson another chance, even though Tyson has been doing REALLY well with behaving near the kitty.

Getting her wasted on a bunch of catnip was very helpful in upping her tolerance for the dog. The preceeding four photos show some recent progress with socializing Elezabeth and Tyson. Tyson is really making a supreme effort to make nice! Lately she keeps bringing the kitty her toys and bones and offering them to her. She just doesn't get that the kitty really doesn't want her rope toy or chewie bones or her Kong, but it is very cute to watch her try anyway.

Here, to the left, she is peeking out to see if there's any more catnip for her, or maybe a treat...

And directly above, Ginger helps her taste test her catnip

Here, you can see a couple shots of her clearly stoned! I really wish I knew what it is about that stuff that does that to them! We call it "cracknip" around here LOL. Cats are so funny!

And even funnier is how indignant they get when you laugh at them. They have such huge egos and their sense of dignity is wounded SO easily!!
Here's a great picture of her trying to show us what she thinks of being laughed at, but she doesn't quite pull it off withthe usual cat finesse, as she is still very high from all the catnip she rolled in. A situation which, of course, resulted in even more laughter. I didn't get any more pics then cause she stalked off to sulk by her catbox.