Is your dog in danger of being seized and possibly killed!?

Many states and provinces around the globe have enacted what is known as breed specific legislation. In simpler terms, this is the creation of laws that ban all dogs of a particular breed or type.
Dogs don't even have to be proven to be the banned breed in many cities... It is up to the discretion of the responding police or animal control officer. If they decide that it looks like a banned breed, a dog can be forcibly removed from your home and killed. Often, even if the pet owners can get the courts to side with them, it is too late for the dog. So, they may get charges and fines for having a "banned dog" dropped, but their beloved family member isn't any less dead.
Even though they are among the dogs statistically LEAST likely to attack humans, American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers and other "bully breeds" are the most commonly banned. This is mostly the fault of widespread ignorance and media hype.

Breed Specific Legislation, or BSL, has not been shown to reduce the number of dog attacks in the areas that such measures have passed. The humans responsible for the maltreatment and out and out abuse that makes dogs turn mean are not generally your productive, law abiding members of society. They will simply ignore such bans or start using different breeds, as has done before. Years ago, city or statewide bans on such breeds as Rottwielers, Dobermans, German Shepherds and others were common, as those were the popular breeds with many of society's undesirables then. The best way to address the problem of vicious dogs is to enact stronger vicious dog laws and establish harsher penalties for animal abuse and neglect.
Click here to check and see if your area has or is considering BSL, read the laws in different states and see what you can do to help stop BSL.